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TOR for the Working Party

Presidential Working Party on Education Reform

The terms of reference for the Working Party are :-

1. On basic education

  • to cause and undertake summative evaluation of Kenya competency based curriculum;
  • to assess and recommend an appropriate structure to implement the competency-based curriculum;
  • to study all laws governing the basic education subsector andmake recommendations for review of these legislations with a view to addressing duplication, ambiguities, efficiency constraints and improving linkages.
  • to study, assess and make recommendations on –
    • the conceptualization and implementation of key tenets guiding the competency-based approach including but not limited to value-based education, community service learning, parental empowerment and engagement;
    • the assessment and examination framework;
    • the quality assurance and standards framework;
    • the teacher education and training framework for both preservice and in-service;
    • the teacher deployment framework;
    • the technology for curriculum delivery, improved learning outcomes and education management;
    • the governance mechanisms of learning institutions and sharing of resources across schools and TVET institutions to ensure maximum utilization of public resources for improved learning outcomes; and the public school categorization policies and implications on access, transition and cost.
  • to review and recommend appropriate financing framework including capitation and minimum essential package grants for all levels of basic education;
  • to review and recommend equitable access to education especially for those facing social, economic and geographic marginalization, vulnerable populations, children and persons with special needs,
  • to review and recommend appropriate framework on the management and coordination of bursaries and scholarships for secondary school students;
  • to review and recommend a framework for physical and e-infrastructure development and coordination of public private partnerships for improved access and quality provision; and
  • to review and recommend a tracking system to capture and enroll children of school age to ensure universal access to pre-primary, primary and secondary education.

2. On tertiary and university education

  • to review and recommend a governance and financingframework for TVET training and development, university education, research and training;
  • to study all laws governing the tertiary education subsector and make recommendations for review of these legislations with a view to streamlining effectiveness and efficiency in the subsector.
  • to recommend a framework of operationalizing the National Open University of Kenya and a framework on Open, Distance and E-line learning (ODEL);
  • to make recommendations for streamlining continuity in TVET and university education transition;
  • to review and recommend legislation to facilitate amalgamation of HELB, TVET and University Funding Boards with a view of harmonizing and merging all tertiary education funding entities.

3. other functions :-

  • The Working Party shall have the powers and carry out such other functions necessary to undertake any matter incidental or ancillary to the foregoing.